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Why OSSD in Canada

November 29, 2023

It's time to learn about the OSSD and its values! Our students deserve the best, we want them to be successful in every facet of their life. Education builds the foundation to flourish and prosper.

Ensuring a student's secondary education is recognized among the leading international universities is a priority, as is the value of university-level academics. Ranked as one of the best secondary educations in the world, Merrick Prep students graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and we thought you should know why!

The OSSD has proven to be the best option when preparing MPS students for world-ranked universities, receiving scholarships, and being accepted into their first-choice university program. How do we know, you ask? Because our 100% university (top ranking, worldwide) placement success rate says so!

Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Building World Leaders one high school diploma at a time!

The greatest barrier to unlocking a student’s potential rests within their education during the foundational years of their life. OSSD is a great education pathway and curriculum that helps to achieve their dreams.

Canada’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) acknowledges the completion of secondary-level education (grades 9 to 12). OSSD is a widely accepted Canadian certificate equivalent to the IB curriculum. Your student can study virtually/online from Bangladeshas well as move to Canada for on-campus boarding/ face-to-face learning. 

The OSSD curriculum is focused on: 

  • Centered and customized to the needs of students  

  • Prepare students for the local, national, and international opportunities of tomorrow

  • Granting access to a world of opportunities to students at every stage of their academic journey 

  • Holistically prepare high-school students to excel beyond their grasp academically and professionally and not just focus on how to get into their preferred university

  • Equip students with the necessary analytical, communication & decision-making skills that elevate their opportunities and quality of life after high school

Unique Advantages for OSSD Graduates

Enrolling in the OSSD has numerous benefits for students in their academic, personal, and professional lives:

  • Flexible Curricula

  • Focus on Core Soft-Skills

  • Critical Thinking vs. Memorization

  • Pathway-based Course Selection

  • Social & Cultural Benefits

  • Higher Education & Permanent Residence opportunities

Canada’s unrivalled pro-immigration stance further welcomes international students not only to pursue OSSD but to build their future in Canada as well. 

Why Canada?

Canada’s commitment to education is unquestionable and is reflected by its ranking: 

Expert Teachers

Classrooms are led by highly qualified teachers who are required to:

  • Undergo rigorous practical training  

  • Hold a minimum of one bachelor’s degree in education

  • Consistently participate in professional development to learn new techniques to instruct students better

  • Design course material that is truly engaging as well as relevant

5 Reasons to start Education at the High School level in Canada

  • Easier to find work and seek migration to Canada

  • A gateway to pursuing excellent courses in top universities all over the world

  • Top-notch and affordable education

  • One of the best nations to study, work and settle down

  • One of the safest and politically peaceful countries in the world

Empower a student to unlock their potential with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

How can you help parents choose the right boarding school for their child? We work with families all over the world and have identified the factors that parents value when choosing the right boarding school.

Check out this parent testimonial, and let's chat today!

Justin Irwin | Recruitment Officer

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(Mobile/WhatsApp) 1.613.297.7442

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