Frequently Asked Questions

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How many students attend MPS?

​Our maximum capacity is 60 boarding students and 20 day students.

What is your typical class size?

​Our average class size is 10 students. However, It is not unusual to have 6-12 students in a grade 12 class.

Will I have to share a room if I am a boarding student?

​All of our boarding students share a room with one roommate. We believe that one of the greatest benefits of a boarding school is to be able to learn and live with others from different countries. Tolerance, understanding, compassion and compromise are some of the great benefits, along with a lot of fun having friends from around the world.

Do I get my own bathroom?

​All rooms have a four-piece en-suite bathroom (sink, shower, bathtub, toilet), shared by two students.

How big are the bedrooms?

Bedrooms at MPS are very large. Each student gets a Queen or Double bed and the rooms range up to 41 square metres!

What courses do you offer?

We offer all the required courses to successfully earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and gain entry into top world-ranked universities in all subject areas.

How do I get to MPS?

Fly into Ottawa International Airport and we will arrange group transportation from the airport to the school.

Do you offer scholarships?

​Yes, we offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis. Scholarships are evaluated after the full application is received by our Scholarship Committee.

After I complete my application, how soon will I know if I have been accepted?

The Selection Committee commits to evaluating all completed applications within 24 hours and providing an answer to the applicant within 48 hours after the full application has been submitted.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our teachers have undergraduate degrees and many have graduate degrees and are subject area experts. In addition, all are certified to teach in Ontario by the Ontario College of Teachers and hold a valid Ontario Teacher’s Certificate. All of our teachers also have their English as a Second Language Specialist Certificate and their Guidance Counselor Specialist Certificate.

How safe is the school?

The school and the surrounding community are exceptionally safe. MPS has a full security system, auto-locking doors with timed access card readers, alarms and cameras. Our students are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merrickville is a very small and safe community where staff and students can walk freely anywhere and the community knows and welcomes our students.

If I attend your school and work hard, what is the likelihood that I will be accepted into university?

​100%! Since our founding, we have maintained a 100% university acceptance rate and over 93% of our students gain entry into their first-choice university. Many years, 100% of our graduating class gains entry into their first-choice program at their first-choice university. On average each graduating student earns a $5,000 university scholarship.