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Merrick Preparatory School boarding students are immersed in the English language and Canadian culture in preparation for post-secondary studies at world-ranked English-speaking universities. Our boarding students actively participate in school activities, volunteer in the community, and interact with local day students ensuring integration into the MPS multi-cultural family. MPS students see their school as a home-away-from-home, a vibrant community where they can meet and interact with friends from all over the world.
Our beautiful, historic campus, in a safe and quiet community, is the perfect place for focused academic study without the distractions of a big city. All students and staff know each other well; no one can “fall through the cracks” in our small school community.

Weekly Advisor Curriculum

Our Advisor Curriculum teaches our students important life skills from time management to physical, mental, and emotional health, banking and finances, study habits, nutrition, healthy relationships, hygiene, stress management, online safety, leadership, and conflict resolution. Students learn these valuable skills through group discussions skillfully lead by their Advisor, a certified and licensed teacher and Guidance Counsellor. We actively engage our students to ensure they get the most out of their experiences at MPS.

Weekend Activities

Merrick Preparatory School offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural, recreational and sporting events in the region, from sightseeing, attending seasonal festivals, visiting National and Provincial Parks and historical sites to skiing and swimming in Canada’s iconic crystal-clear lakes. We take full advantage of all the national capital region has to offer. When not participating in off-site activities our students have access to several common rooms with large-screen TVs, game consoles, a games room with a pool and ping-pong table, an electric piano, numerous board games and a sports and weight room, in addition to various outdoor playing fields and a basketball court.


Our kitchen staff are trained chefs with diplomas in food and nutrition management. All MPS meals are healthy and tasty, and international cuisine is woven into the meal planning. Students are encouraged to bring recipes from home as well as offer menu ideas which our staff are always delighted to prepare. We have an eight-week rotating menu. Here is a sample menu for a week.

Monday to Friday (Subject to Change):

Weekends (Subject to Change):

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Daria from Russia

This year at U of T I am living in residence, which is great, but the rooms are so small –

I really miss my MPS room, bed and family!  

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