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Referral Program

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A’marie from Nigeria

I am very grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to study at MPS. I am definitely better for it. It was such an enriching experience, with amazing teachers. I learned so much! It has left a huge positive impact on me.

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Mustapha Tabba from Jordan
Father of graduate, Zeid Tabba

We were able to join one of the best schools in the world with an academic team that is second to none. I have seen the systems deployed by my daughter's school, and others provided to my nieces and nephews, in Jordan, UAE and Canada; MPS is miles ahead and has succeeded in offering a system second to none.

We want to give back to our families and continue supporting our students and alumni.


Those who have experienced a MPS education know its value. Our greatest

supporters are our students, parents and alumni.

With this in mind, we created our Referral Program. Our Referral Program offers up to a $10,000 tuition discount to current students and up to a $5,000 Career Contribution to our alumni.


To learn more about our Referral Program please view our Financial Handbook

or reach out to any member of our Admissions Team.

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