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Student Life

Daily after-class activities, weekend outings, and field trips create the core of our Student Life program. Students from different countries, religions, and languages mix with local Canadian students to create a rich and diverse community we call the MPS family. With a student population of 60, our students are more like brothers and sisters than they are peers and colleagues. This unique community sets us apart – a special, distinctly caring place where our students develop courage, resilience, compassion, and life-long friendships that span the globe.

Our Residential Life Supervisors, along with our Headmaster, live on campus, ensuring 24 hours a day, 7 day a week supervision. Our Director of Residential Life is often referred to as “mom” by our students and provides the care, nurturing, and support teenagers need to mature into successful contributing members of our global community.

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Day Program

Our Day Program provides local students the opportunity to experience a world-class education in small classes with classmates from around the globe...


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Boarding students are immersed into the English language and Canadian culture in preparation for post-secondary studies at world-ranked English-speaking universities...


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Students participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities...


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House System

Our House System contributes to a cohesive family atmosphere by promoting teamwork, creative problem solving and school spirit...


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All Merrick Preparatory School students proudly wear the standard uniform during the instructional day... 


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Our main building (1861) retains much of its original charm and overlooks the picturesque Rideau River and Canal System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site...


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Community Service & Engagement

Our students participate in various community initiatives and many of the villagers know our students by name...


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Merrickville Community

Merrick Preparatory School is located in historic Merrickville, Ontario, just 45 minutes from the nation’s capital, Ottawa...


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Tola from Nigeria

I remember when I was having trouble falling asleep, and I’d tell some of the staff. They gave me good advice that really helped the problem. One thing I found particularly special about MPS, is the way the staff and the students communicate with one another, and also the level of respect that was present.

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