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Grades 9-12

Merrick Preparatory School ensures our students are prepared to enter world-ranked universities. Since our founding in 2012, we have maintained a 100% post-secondary placement rate, with over 93% of our graduates gaining entrance into their first-choice university. MPS students develop disciplined study habits, acute critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and become globally aware. Offering the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and the #1 world-ranked Ontario Secondary School Diploma, MPS takes a pedagogical approach that is surpassed by none. In small class sizes averaging 10 students, our teachers expertly tailor course delivery to meet our students’ academic, cultural, and linguistic needs.

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Yazeed from Oman

It is pretty overwhelming transferring to a university; it was very stressful, especially for an engineering student. It was very hard to adapt socially, but not that much academically, since I pretty much had a similar workload at Merrick Preparatory School. The engineering program is very tough though. I am pretty solid, however, in courses like geological engineering, physics, calculus, chemistry and all labs because Merrick Prep has done an amazing job preparing me. My time management skills are far and away better than all of my engineering friends, because Merrick Prep has immensely help me deal with high work loads. My lab reports are within 80-90% because of the education quality Merrick Prep provides. All of the courses I took at Merrick Prep are useful in university. I find myself having more knowledge in subjects like physics, chemistry, and geological engineering compared to my engineering friends.

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Hatem from Oman

MPS taught me how to give my best in any subject that I am studying. They helped me to understand that which I did not and to develop myself and my learning skills in such a way so that I could be successful at university. University is hard, but MPS taught me to keep a positive attitude to get through the tough stuff. 

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Deren from Turkey

I'm so thankful to you [Headmaster Kevin Farrell], and of course my teachers, classmates, and friends and everyone in Merrick Prep. I'm here because of you!  I learned so much at Merrick Preparatory School; sometimes it was really hard, but worth it because I'm here now! I miss Merrick Prep so much!  Thanks again for believing in me! It made all the difference!

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