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Our Mission

​Merrick Preparatory School inspires students to reach beyond their grasp. Naturally curious, we engage students to be inquisitive. We instill courage to face adversity, compassion to be globally minded, and a sense of responsibility to be community oriented. Actively acquiring excellent academic and English language skills, our graduates are courageous, compassionate, global citizens ready to enter world-ranked English-speaking universities.

Our Vision

​In our safe and inclusive environment, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the individual learning needs of each student to ensure their success. We teach to add to the global good. Reasonable self-denial, compassion, and giving one’s utmost effort will result in positive contributors and builders of a global civil society. Our graduates are citizens of the world, broad in their perspective and compassionate in their outlook. Our marker of success is measured by our students’ happiness and fulfillment.

​Core Values

Through challenge, adversity, and in overcoming, our students develop self-confidence, resilience, and independence; and from this, the courage to venture into the unknown.
Through diversity, understanding of difference, humility, and empathy, our students develop a deep sense of compassion.
Through shared experience, communal living, and service, our students understand the value of intra-dependency and the importance of relationship, resulting in globally and community-minded citizens.

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