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Day Program

Merrick Preparatory School’s Day Program provides local students the opportunity to experience a world-class education in small classes, with classmates from around the globe - a distinctly Canadian experience which is uniquely international. Our Day Program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of our students and their families. Our day students experience the same close-knit family community as our boarding students. Limited merit-based scholarships and needs-based bursaries are available for local day students. To learn more about our Financial Assistance Program, please contact us at

Some unique characteristics of our day program include:

  • Distinctly Canadian – Uniquely International
    Students from the local area eat, play, and work with students from around the world, providing a global network that will last a lifetime

  • Uniquely dedicated teachers and staff
    Those who work at a boarding school choose to do so, knowing that their commitment extends beyond the regular school day. This results in deeper, richer, and more transformative experiences for our students. We are uniquely positioned to help our students reach beyond their grasp!

  • There are no cracks!
    Our weekly All Staff meetings discuss each student's unique needs; no student ever falls between the cracks because there are no cracks!

  • 140+ hours of instruction per credit course
    The Ontario standard is 110 with many schools providing much less. With 140+ hours, MPS teaches the whole curriculum at a much deeper level.

  • Guidance
    Each student is placed in a grade-appropriate Advisor group of 6-8 students. The Advisor group meets with their Advisor for one hour per day.  Each Advisor has their Guidance Specialisation and gains a unique understanding of each of their advisees, perfectly positioning them to guide our students through their high school years and the university application process.

  • Flexibility
    Day students join the MPS family for breakfast, lunch, an after-school snack, and activities. Dinner and evening study can be provided, and even the odd overnight stay - if rooms are available.

Take the next step. Contact our Admissions Team.

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