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Enhanced Academic Programming

Merrick Preparatory School offers more than just academic programming towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We enhance our program with The MPS Advantage and offer five distinct programs which are integrated into each student’s daily schedule.

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Multiple Subject Instructional Period (MSIP)

Upon joining MPS, each student is placed in an Advisor Group with a teacher advisor who is a certified Guidance Specialist. Advisors provide tutorial support, academic guidance and deliver the Advisor Curriculum, covering topics ranging from physical, mental and emotional health to relationships, banking and finances, organizational and time management skills, study habits, hygiene and nutrition, stress management and life after MPS, to name a few. The Advisor Group stays as an intact group, meeting for one hour per day for the students’ duration at MPS, ensuring consistency and support.

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Student of Concern

Each week all MPS staff meet, together with the Headmaster, for one hour to discuss student concerns and map out a plan for success. With the daily one-hour MSIP and Advisor Group meetings, small class sizes, dedicated Residential Life Supervisors, and our weekly Student of Concern discussions, no student can fall through the cracks; even the smallest of concerns, academic and social, are addressed immediately. The result is our students are successful on every front, not just academically, and quickly learn coping and management skills to address any issue they confront.

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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) Preparation

All students must pass the OSSLT, and if they are unsuccessful, must pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC). Our OSSLT specialist teacher provides one hour of OSSLT preparation per week, free of charge, to prepare our students for this Ontario Ministry of Education exam. Not only does this prepare our students for the OSSLT, it also enhances their English language skills, thereby improving their overall academic performance.

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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Preparation

MPS offers all of our international students three hours of IELTS preparation per week, free of charge.  Our dedicated ESL and IELTS teacher has specialized training to assist students in preparing for the IELTS test, ensuring a competitive score and the advantage required to enter their first choice university.

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University Guidance

MPS is uniquely positioned since all of our teachers have their Guidance Specialist Certification. Each teacher advisor meets their student advisees one hour per week and is expertly positioned to guide them through the university application process. The result is a 100% post-secondary placement rate, with over 93% of our students gaining entry into their first choice world-ranked university.

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