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Updates on Our Student Activities

October 26, 2023

Great first month of school and already heading into the end of October - how does the time fly so fast!?

Our students are thriving academically and taking pleasure in participating in a variety of school events. Recently, they elected their Student Council Representatives and had a blast racing go-karts on the track. We've been thoroughly entertained watching their growth as they've competed in soccer and volleyball tournaments, collaborated on team-building exercises, and challenged each other in the house cup.

Welcoming new students and returning students has been nothing short of a great experience for all! We are so thrilled for this school year, the returning students we missed dearly and all of the new students joining the Merrick Prep community. And of course, we miss our 2023 grads and can't wait to get some updates on their university journeys.

Good luck to all students of the 2023-24 school year! ❤️

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