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The Our Kids Report - Parent Interview

July 26 2023

Please enjoy THE OUR KIDS REPORT Insider Perspective – Interview with #MerrickPrep Parent, DANIELA SWIENTEK, Mother of grade 11 to grade 12 Male, Boarding Student.

Looking for specific answers? Check out the questions below and jump to your desired answer.

Jump to video questions:

0:49 - What was the process like for choosing this school?

1:56 - How has your child responded to being at this school?

2:40 - What does your child appreciate most about this school?

2:57 - As a parent, what do you appreciate most about this school?

3:20 - Was there anything that surprised you about the school?

3:55 - How are the school’s values put into practice?

4:20 - What is the typical family like at this school?

4:42 - Is there something your child has done at the school that they are proud of?

5:20 - What has your experience with teachers and administration been like?

5:51 - What are the three biggest reasons why a family should choose this school?

6:19 - What advice would you give to new families searching for a school?

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