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October 20, 2023

At the start of every school year Merrick Preparatory School (MPS) dedicates one day for all teachers and all students to come together and learn from, and about, each other. Each year looks a little different, and this year we have brought to our campus Jonathan Smith, an expert facilitator with over 30 years of experience leading and facilitating outdoor and experiential learning opportunities for students from around the globe.

With students from 19 different countries and five teachers with varied backgrounds, Jonathan will lead MPS through a variety of initiative tasks, cooperative games, and experiential challenges, culminating with truing a bicycle wheel! The lesson and metaphor from the challenge demonstrate that all spokes must work in unison and in perfect harmony, each supporting the other to make a perfectly balanced wheel … and as soon as one spoke is out of tune, the wheel will wobble and fail … a brilliant message for all of us to remember … and a great skill for our students to have in order to fix their own bikes!

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