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Merrick Prep's Annual Community Lunch and Festivities

December 28, 2023

Every year, Merrick Preparatory School hosts a traditional Christmas lunch where students and staff serve the local community. This year's event was as special as any other, despite some guests being unable to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, they sent warm messages of gratitude and support to Kevin, our Headmaster, which he read during the meal.

The community event invites local businesses and members who support Merrick Prep to provide volunteer opportunities and communal needs. It's a chance to celebrate our community and show gratitude for its support. During the event, we also celebrated the retirement of Betty Ann, our cook since the founding year of 2012. Our students made her a handmade card to congratulate her on her retirement.

The lunch was held in the school's dining hall, which had been decorated with colorful holiday decorations and Christmas treats. The cooks had spent the previous days preparing the food and ensuring that everything was in perfect order.

As the guests arrived, they were welcomed by the students, who escorted them to their tables. The atmosphere was lively, with everyone chatting. The students were eager to serve and help in any way they could, making sure that everyone had a pleasant experience.

The highlight of the event was when Santa came out to deliver special treats to each person. There were laughs and humble moments of gratitude and communication between students and staff, students, and guests, etc. It was a heartwarming moment that brought everyone together and reminded us of the power of community.

At the end of the lunch, Kevin gave a heartfelt speech, thanking everyone for their support and generosity. He expressed his pride in the students and staff for their dedication to serving the local community. The guests left with full stomachs and warm hearts, grateful for the wonderful experience.

Other December festivities in Merrickville, Ontario, included the annual Holiday Train and other whimsical events, such as hot cocoa, a traditional Santa sleigh, and more. Some of our students even experienced snow for the very first time in their lives, which was exciting for them and for us to witness.

Student Council also hosted a door decorating contest, which was a huge hit and fun for everyone. Now, all students have left campus and are on holiday vacation with their families until January 2024. We can't wait for everyone to return and hear all about their holiday break.

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