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Merrick Prep Rocks Drama Class with Molly!

May 8, 2024

Our students, under the guidance of Drama teacher Molly, delivered an outstanding performance by presenting three plays to both students and staff.

The audience was captivated by the talent and dedication of the students as they brought each character to life on stage. From the heartfelt drama to the energetic comedy, each play showcased the students' creativity and hard work. The resounding applause at the end of each performance was a testament to the passion and commitment that our students put into their craft. The success of these plays not only entertained but also inspired everyone in the audience, showing the power of art to touch hearts and minds. Mrs. Molly's guidance and support were instrumental in helping the students shine, and we look forward to more amazing performances in the future.

The plays included were: "Little Women," "12 Angry Men," and "Welcome to Canada."

Little Women is a play that revolves around the 4 March sisters.  On a winter day, they were left alone in the sitting room with nothing but their own company. Of course, all four sisters were filled with boredom.  The oldest sister, Meg, is a very responsible and caring person. Jo, is the most tomboy sister of them all, with an overly ambitious yet childish mind. Beth, a peacefully quiet character who seems to be loved by everyone and the last born, Amy, a bratty and feisty character who loves getting into fights. What can happen when such opposite characters are left at home during the holidays?

Welcome to Canada is about a family of 3 leaving their beloved home to move to the West for better fortune. Once they arrive at the airport, they discover it may not be so easy to leave, especially as immigrants. After much hustling, the family makes it to the airplane, where they try to figure out what this life change could bring to them in terms of aspirations, plans and principles.

12 Angry Men is a play that revolves around 5 men in New York, in 1996. The men have been assigned to determine the outcome of the life of a 16-year-old boy. One of the men in the play is yearning to sentence the young boy to the death penalty This causes quite a debate between the men in the conference room. Will the boy's life continue, or will the justice system find it fit to end it?

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