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Diana MacKay

MPS Parent

Ireen Onyango

MPS Parent

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Hellen Phan

Grade 9 Day Student (2021-22)
from Merrickville, ON

MPS is nice. I love the place because of the love, spirit, and pride I feel when I'm in the building; it feels very "homey." The school treats the students as if it's family and they always strive better for its students as they focus on developing critical thinking, enhancing our creativity and making sure no one is left out. When I'm in the classroom, the classroom environment feels very supportive, the teachers make sure to engage us and that no one is left out on classroom activities; I feel very comfortable in the class and that has made my confidence grow, which has helped me in multiple aspects of life.

Mr. John Hopkins

Parent of Elisa Hopkins 
Grade 9 Day Student (2021-22)
from Kemptville, ON

For many years we were teachers in international schools and, through studying at Merrick Prep, we were pleased that our daughter was able to have the opportunity to gain some of the experiences that we know that schools of this type can offer. Whilst working with a diverse group of classmates, Elisa was able to develop an understanding of different viewpoints and perspectives as well as being able to benefit from the attention and support that small classes give. Beyond the classroom the school allows for plentiful growth opportunities through a range of clubs, sporting activities, excursions and social activities, all centered around the beautiful canal side village of Merrickville, which deservedly is known as one of Canada’s prettiest towns. The school pays close individual attention to the academic and pastoral needs of all students and it is very supportive of individual initiatives launched by them. The overall experience is undoubtedly enriching and one could not hope to study in a happier place.

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