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MPS Identified as one of 10 Prominent Boarding Schools to Watch in 2023

March 7, 2023

Merrick Preparatory School (MPS) has once again been recognized internationally for its achievements, identified as one of to watch in 2023 (pages 38-39 & 42-56) by K12 Digest. MPS is one of only two Canadian schools to make this prestigious list. K12 Digest, an independent international kindergarten to grade 12 educational portal and magazine, featured MPS as a school that is building a global community of compassionate citizens.

Since its founding in 2012, Merrick Preparatory School’s incredibly dedicated, hardworking and compassionate staff have taken an idea and turned it into an internationally recognized academic institution. But MPS is more than a school, “it is a family, an emotionally safe place for students to flourish”, notes Headmaster, Kevin Farrell.

Founded with a mission to help students reach beyond their grasp, MPS’s vision is to create courageous, community-minded, compassionate global citizens. To fulfill this mission, the school recruits from several countries, remaining independent of one nation, culture, or language. “Diversity is our strength. Developing compassionate global citizens who learn there is more in them than they think is our passion and vocation. Since our founding, we have maintained a 100% university placement rate for our graduates to their first-choice program at their first-choice university at world-ranked institutions globally. Our 127 graduates have earned over CAD $883,000 in university scholarships,” states Mr. Farrell. Whether students are excelling academically or need to improve their GPA – all of them earn acceptance to top-ranked universities.

Going beyond the academic requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Merrick Preparatory School offers co-curricular activities every Monday and Thursday defined by the students, ranging from clubs to sports to arts. “Our students create and run the Student Council annually, partake in the Model United Nations at the University of Toronto, and participate in a variety of sports with other private schools across the Greater Ottawa Region and Eastern Ontario,” explains Mr. Farrell.

Merrick Preparatory School is intentionally small by design. The average class size is 10, with the maximum allowed being 18. The student-to-teacher ratio varies from year to year and can range from 4:1 up to 8:1. Headmaster Farrell explains, “We aim to have a big impact on a few students rather than a small impact on a lot of students.

Located in a heritage building on the shores of the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the small, caring and inclusive village of Merrickville twice voted the prettiest town in Canada, provides a perfect place for focused academic study.

Merrickville was selected as it is a very safe, quiet, and calm location for high school students to remain focused on their academic and social development. Yet, we are only 50 minutes from Ottawa, the nation’s capital, where our students have access to all of the national capital resources, national museums, the seat of the federal government, two world-ranked universities, two colleges, the bilingual center of the country, and the world-famous Gatineau Park and Rideau Canal”, states Farrell.

The MPS community goes beyond their staff and students and the beautiful town of Merrickville, it includes parents, alumni, partners, and families around the world. “Without each of you, MPS would not exist. Each of you is a key part of the MPS family”, explains Mr. Farrell.

When asked what is next for Merrick Preparatory School, Mr. Farrell shares that they have plans to continue to grow and develop its campus with “a new gymnasium, sports facility, and science and technology lab. We will continue to be a world-leading educational institution, graduating globally minded, courageous, and compassionate students ready to help shape and change the world for the global good.”

It is worth noting that Merrick Preparatory School is being recognized not only as one of 10 Prominent Boarding Schools to watch in 2023, but has also been listed on the World's Leading Boarding Schools in 2023, one of only 17 Canadian schools to make this prestigious list published by Fortune and Statista Inc.. And in 2021 Merrick Preparatory School won the PIEoneer Secondary Learning International Impact Award, recognizing MPS as “best in the world”.

Reflecting on these amazing accomplishments, Director of Admissions, Johanna Ziegler states, “Being recognized, repeatedly, with these international accolades highlights the passion and the hard work of all of the MPS staff. I love seeing the impact each one of us (teachers, residential life staff, cleaners, kitchen staff, administrators, admissions & marketing, headmaster) has on each student. MPS is a jewel in this boarding school industry! And especially impactful as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary!”

Ziegler continues “Our parents, students and partners have chosen MPS because they know we are so much more than a school, we are a community, a family, and they see the huge impact we have on every student – and how we change their lives beyond academic growth. At MPS all stakeholders, be they students, parents, alumni, partners – they all matter.

I am very proud of the recent recognition from K12 Digest as well as the recent award from Fortune. These international recognitions show how we care about our student’s success and that we prepare them well for university and life beyond”, states Ziegler.

To learn more about Merrick Preparatory School you can reach us at or HERE

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