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$100,000 Scholarship and University Offers

May 30, 2024

This year, our two grade 12 students, Aya and Demilade, from Nigeria, have shown exceptional dedication, giving their all in everything they do. Demilade is passionate about business and theatre, while Aya is passionate about photography and architectural studies. Their outstanding achievements across various fields have led to their well-deserved university acceptances, making us extremely proud.

Demilade has just received yet another university acceptance, this time from the esteemed University of Toronto for Management (BBA)... and there's more... cue the drum roll... a $100,000 scholarship! He has also received offers from Trent UniversityQueen’s UniversityMcMaster UniversityYork UniversityUniversity of OttawaBrock University and the University of Waterloo.

Aya has been offered a $4,000 scholarship to Carleton University for a Bachelor of Architectural Studies: History. So far, Aya has also received offers from Laurentian University, the University of Wolverhampton, and the University of Sheffield.

We are delighted to commemorate these momentous achievements and eagerly anticipate the amazing contributions Aya and Demilade will make to their chosen field in the future. These remarkable feats showcase both Aya and Demilade's unwavering effort and commitment.

Aya and Demilade, you are truly an inspiration – keep up the exceptional work!

Let's give a big round of applause to Aya and Demilade for their outstanding accomplishments!

There is more to come - so keep following!

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