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Merrick Prep International Day: Showcasing Our Diversity

May 30, 2023

Every year we celebrate International Day within our community, a focal point of the Merrick Preparatory School’s Core Values and Diversity, put on by our students. We thrive on building a community of courageous and compassionate students, one day at a time, with all nationalities and differences at the same time.

Through diversity, understanding of difference, humility, and empathy, our students develop a deep sense of compassion and community. Through shared experience, communal living and service, our students understand the value of intra-dependency and the importance of building relationships. Our students build lifelong friendships with each other, from different cultures, religions, countries, and histories, accepting one another and any differences with respect.

We had an awesome turnout this year, making it our first in-person showcase since 2019. Our students educated guests on their culture which included food, clothing, games and so much more! We were beyond proud of our students and thankful to the community for coming to support MPS.

Country List

Canada Morocco Senegal

Egypt Nigeria Mauritania

Equatorial Guinea Panama South Africa

Germany Peru Syria

Korea Poland Lebanon

Mexico Ukraine USA

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