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First House Cup Challenge of the Year

October 24, 2023

Our first House Cup Challenge of this school year was a huge success!

The House System at Merrick Prep is designed to encourage participation, build a sense of community, and create an environment of fun and playfulness among the students and teachers.

Each House is comprised of two Advisor Groups. These two groups come together to form a House and each Advisor is a House Captain. House Captains rally their House, get them excited about any upcoming House Challenges and create a sense of camaraderie and team spirit within their House. Advisors, once assigned a House, stay with that House throughout their career as a teacher here at Merrick Preparatory School. Bringing together two different Advisor Groups helps with student integration and inclusion, mixing grades, genders, and cultures and creating an opportunity for older students to mentor younger students.

On the last Wednesday of each month, there will be a House Cup Challenge. The first-placing House will earn three (3) points, the second-placing House will earn two (2) points and the third-placing House will earn one (1) point. The head of the school oversees the House Cup Challenges keeps the score of each House’s points and posts them on the “House Cup” bulletin board in the snack bar.

Houses are named after our founders (in different areas):

Rickers House (ORANGE)

Don Rickers

Founding Headmaster

Barnard House (BLUE)

Louis & Francois Barnard

Founders and Owners of Merrick Preparatory School

Gary Clarke (RED)

Took the original building, updated it, modernized it, and added the additions

This first house cup challenge was won by... drum roll...


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