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English as a Second Language (ESL) Summer Camp

Summer School

Our ESL summer camp is designed enhance English language acquisition through a mixture of engaging in-class academic programs and fun out-of-class activities. All instructors are Ontario qualified and registered teachers with English as a second language specialized training and certification.


Activities include visiting Provincial and National Parks, touring historic sites including the Canadian Parliament, swimming in crisp clear Canadian lakes and rivers, touring a university biology research station and fun activities such as zip lining, visiting a local zoo, working with a magician and various other feature attractions.


This program is intended for groups of 10 or more students (plus one chaperon per 10 students) for a minimum of 2 weeks during the month of July.

Our Summer School Program is designed for students who want to improve their grade and understanding in a course they have already taken or reach ahead to earn a credit and lighten their academic load for the upcoming year.


Students participate in fun Summer Camp activities and take on a leadership role under the guidance and supervision of our skilled educational staff, further improving their communication, presentation, leadership and English language skills. This experience presents students with the opportunity to earn all 40 of the community service hours required to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


ll of our teachers are certified and registered teachers in Ontario and have specialized training in English as a second language.

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