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"So many options!" – Exploring different universities at the Ontario Universities’ Fair

October 18, 2022

At Merrick Prep, our goal is to ensure that each student gets accepted into their first-choice post-secondary institution. To make this happen, we have dedicated staff who get to know each student's interests and career aspirations. This way, we can help them find their “perfect university match”.

We also want to make sure that our students are aware of all the different options available to them. That is why our grade 12 students took a trip to the Ontario Universities’ Fair in Kanata where they were able to speak with representatives from Ontario’s universities, large and small. They came away with a lot of valuable information including degree programs, campus life, and anything else that may help them choose the right university for them.

All were excited about the prospect of university, and some had already begun to narrow down their choices. Others were still undecided, but the event helped them to get a better sense of what each university had to offer.

We are confident that this experience gave them a sense of “what is out there” and will help set them up for success as they prepare to move on to the next exciting phase of their lives.

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