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Shout out to our Local Heroes! Merrickville Firefighter Association

June 1, 2023

Shout out to our Local Heroes! Merrickville Firefighter Association

Last week we had a “surprise” fire alarm! Headmaster, Kevin Farrell, had been planning this for some months with Steven Templeton: Fire Prevention Officer, and Brad Cole: Fire Chief.

No one knew about this alarm … so the students and staff had to react without any forewarning. They did a great job getting out of the building in less than 1 minute for those on the first floor and just over one minute for those on the second floor – which is OUTSTANDING! The Fire Department aims for under two minutes, and we were well within that. Brad and Steve were very impressed and pleased.

The staff was awesome in ensuring all information was gathered and then got all the students/staff to the meeting spot, did a roll call, and reported back to the Fire Department if anyone was missing. And then the Merrickville Fire Department did an awesome job, with all lights out in the building, finding their way in the dark through every nook and cranny, all spaces in the school, to ensure no fire and no people … exceptionally professional, thorough, and fast and efficient.

Merrick Preparatory School and the community of Merrickville-Wolford are lucky to have such outstanding community members who volunteer, putting themselves in harm’s way to keep all of us safe … as evidenced by this drill, they certainly must put many hours volunteering their time in training, very impressive! We feel very fortunate and safe knowing the Merrickville-Wolford Volunteer #FireDepartment is there with outstanding volunteers to keep our students, staff and the#community safe.

Merrick Preparatory School works hard not only to ensure academic success and an emotionally safe environment but also a very safe physical space to live and learn.

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