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Merrick Preparatory School’s graduating class of 2023 continues to impress us!

February 13, 2023

Merrick Preparatory School's grade 12 class continues the MPS tradition and is receiving many early university acceptances! Our eleven grade 12’s from 8 different countries have received 53 early university offers thus far.

Our students have received nearly CAD 90,000 in university entrance scholarships, and we couldn't be prouder! A special congratulations to one student that has been awarded a CAD 60,000 scholarship to Queen's University in Kingston for Mechanical Engineering! Our first early offer from the University of Toronto was received today for Engineering Science. Incredible; we are maintaining our 100% university acceptance status!

Last year our scholarship total was CAD 833,000, and this year we are heading in the direction of breaking the One Million CAD mark! This is impressive considering our size and having had 127 graduates since 2012!

If you or families you know are eager to get a child into a top university in Canada or around the world, please connect with us today. Your student's success starts at Merrick Prep!

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