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Global Celebration

May 10, 2019

Every day is International Day at Merrick Prep. This year, we had students from over all over the globe, including students from China, Taiwan, Oman, South Korea, Nigeria, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Bahamas. We take great pride in our diversity. MPS values the similarities and differences that each person’s cultural heritage brings to our school. We love sharing our multiculturalism to enrich the learning experience for our students and our community. Next year, we look forward to learning with and from students from Nigeria, Syria, Zambia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Korea, UAE, Mexico, Oman and Sierra Leone.

International Day is a wonderful opportunity for our school community to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity through dress, cuisine and décor, and to share information about each student’s country, language and culture. Our students prepared ethnic foods for our guests to enjoy, wearing traditional clothing and sharing information about their home countries. We were pleased to welcome the town Mayor, local elementary schools, the media, and other local residents. It was a great event!

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