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Factors that Parents Value when Choosing a Boarding School for Their Child

June 20, 2023

Strong Academic Foundation Ensuring their child's secondary education is recognized among the leading international universities is a priority, as is the value of university-level academics. Ranked as one of the best secondary educations in the world, Merrick Prep students graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This has proven to be the best option when preparing MPS students for world-ranked universities, receiving scholarships, and being accepted into their first-choice university program. MPS has a 100% acceptance rate! Individual Academic Attention Choosing a school with a smaller student body and class sizes ensures their child gets the attention they deserve, guidance and support from Advisors and staff who are conscious of and understand cultural differences. This allows their focus to stay on academics and personal growth to reach their fullest potential. Resources and Support Ensure the school has the resources and passion to host academic and extracurricular support networks for students and families to make sure that the international student experience is a priority. Parents appreciate when MPS goes the extra mile to provide a welcoming environment for their children as we celebrate differences and diversity all year long. Diversity and Inclusion The school should have the resources and depth to host a diverse and compassionate community in a safe and inclusive environment. At MPS, we don't have more of one culture than the other and have a healthy balance between domestic and international students. We pride ourselves on a small, diverse, inclusive, and safe community with a bountiful international student experience. Extra-curricular Activities Having a wide range of indoor and outdoor extracurricular activities ensures your child receives a well-rounded education inside and outside the classroom. MPS has over 40 co-curricular activities during any given school year. Teaching students the right balance between "work" and "life" is essential for their future well-being. Location and Size School location is important to families who would like their children to be in a safe and smaller community so they can focus on their academics and build lifelong relationships in a family-like environment. Due to the smaller size and individual academic attention, this allows for weekly communication between the school and parents. Reputation Always do your research! Look into the school's website, social platforms, and reviews. Make sure that you read what people are saying to be sure that what they're selling matches what you're getting. Looking at social channels can show the children and staff in action. You can also see the grounds, community, and diversity. At MPS we share EVERYTHING! Fees and Financial Support You should always research and compare fees and investigate what is included when paying for boarding school. School uniforms, meals, trips, etc., should all be outlined for you. Regarding topics like Payment Plans, Scholarships, Bursaries, and government support, these are all things that should be discussed on a case-by-case basis and available at discretion. Things like currency and exchange, changes or increases in fees over time and taxes are factors that should also be considered. At MPS, we create payment plans and flexibility that always works for our families. Contact us to learn more!

Johanna Ziegler

Director of Admissions (P) 1.613.269.2064 ext 471 (Mobile/Whatsapp) 1.613.298.0259

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Recruitment Officer

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