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Election week at Merrick Prep!

January 20, 2023

It has been a very busy week, with students getting ready for exams, our monthly house cup challenge (MPS Winter Olympics on Wednesday), the university offers rolling in from more universities and of course the election of our student council for 2022-23. The student council is an elected group of students that will help share ideas, interests and concerns with teachers and our headmaster and will help Merrick Prep to continue to grow and improve. The council will be doing schoolwide activities, including social events, fundraisers, community projects and much more. We can’t wait to see what they have planned.

The elected council for 2022-23 is:

Prime Minister: Safa Lecaillon

Deputy Prime Minister: Imran Tukur Modibbo

Secretary: Farrah Essam

Minister of Finance: Omololaoluwa Jimo

Minister of Student Life: Leticia Solano Molina

Minister of Cultural Affairs: Jiho Choi

Members of Council: Sasha Reynolds, Rell Fabrega Calvosa, Omar Beyk

The Council’s first meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 7. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating!

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